Disneyland Paris – The Adventure Continues: Part 1

After spending the first couple of days alone, Caroline finally arrived and the trip entered a new chapter!

Caroline’s train was incredibly delayed so I did what every good friend would: I met her in Starbucks with a heavily caffeinated drink. We did a bit of shopping in the Village as Caroline has a souvenir in mind for someone to buy straight away and then we sauntered over to the park to exchange her voucher for the annual pass. It was a pretty straightforward process and because Caroline has pre-bought on Supertrips.net we could bypass the bulk of the queuing and fill it all out on a computer instead of using a human (yay!).

The first ride we went on was It’s A Small World. Pro Tip: if you sing along, the song doesn’t get stuck in your head.

The next order of business was to get Caroline some Ears, and she settled on a pair to match mine and in celebration of the 25th Anniversary.

We were understandably famished by this point and we had wanted to eat at Agrabah, but were turned away because it was so busy. (We made a reservation for another night). Our next choice was Annette’s who had a stunning tofu burger last time, but we soon discovered that they had changed the recipe and the tofu is no longer vegan!

Thankfully, Vapiano had opened a restaurant in the village (just outside security, behind the cinema) and we were saved by pasta! All hail the carbs!

Fed and happy, we went back to the hotel where Caroline managed to insult the member of staff who had helped me the night before by using one word alone to demand “towels”. Rude.

Once we ditched our stuff, I took Caroline to marvel at the wide range of vegan-friendly food on offer at Carrefour and we bought more food (mostly crisps). We then went back to the hotel where I showered and Caroline ate the crisps before trying to watch a film and giving up on the internet connection.


Sunday was set to be the best, most characterful day in the parks. We arrived shortly after 8 am to enjoy our Extra Magic Hours and we essentially had a re-run of my Saturday morning. We did characters, Hyperspace Mountain and Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast (no photo because we both looked horrific and it’s best we let that never see the light of day!).

Our next port of call was to head to Big Thunder Mountain to try our best to have a queue time less than two hours! We managed about 50 minutes, which I thought was fair and we had snacks and drinks to keep us going!


From BTM the obvious next stop is the Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor) where I was completely unspooked, but I love it anyway! (This ride is child-friendly). I was actually so tired that in the darkest parts I began to drift into a light slumber…

When we left the Haunted Mansion, we made parade and fireworks reservations (Infinity perks) before a touch of frantic shopping because I felt self-conscious in my dress ahead of brunch. I was served by a French guy who actually used to live on Moston Land in Manchester for football-related things. (It’s a small world after all!). While I paid/ made new friends, Caroline had a mad dash out to the Relay at the train station to try to get an SD card but was unsuccessful as her card glitched and the member of staff serving her was too rude to try and help. (Rudeness is rare from staff in the area, and we only encountered 2 issues with it the whole time).

Then it was time for Brunch!

Inventions Brunch is so special that it deserves a post all of its own, so hold tight, it’ll be here soon!



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