Going to Disneyland Paris Alone: Part 2

I started Day 2 alone by heading to the local Carrefour and picking up a bucket load of food that I could eat for breakfast and as snacks in the park. I essential survived on bananas, carrots, apple puree, soya milk and hummus on Day 2.

Day 2 I spent at Walt Disney Studios. Having checked out of the budget hotel, I used my free luggage storage service through my Infinity pass to store my suitcase outside the park gates and headed through the gates as soon as it opened. Wasting no time, I joined the single rider queue for Crush’s Coaster and within five minutes I was hurtling through the darkness. Straight off Crush, I headed over to Toy Story Playland where I did the Soldier Parachute Drop, again I was on within minutes and from there I went to Ratatouille where I joined the queue and rode within minutes. I literally whizzed through all the key attractions before 11.30 am! I decided then that I would do the Stunt Show. We hadn’t time to do it last time and I wasn’t sure Caroline would definitely want to see it, so I joined the queue, picked optimum seats and enjoyed that until it was time for lunch.

As I left the show, I spotted that there were decent FastPasses available for Rock and Rollercoaster which meant that I had half an hour for lunch and then I’d be riding! I sat and ate my carrot sticks and hummus on the grass and chilled awhile. This is where the spontaneity of Disney really came into play. Before I set out, I knew I wanted to see all of the Star Wars shows that take place in Walt Disney Studios, but I hadn’t quite got as far as looking what time they start at. Apparently, they started just as I went to put my rubbish in the bin and head over to Rock and Rollercoaster. This meant that I managed to fit in the shows before sprinting to join the FastPass queue right at the end of my window.

After the ride, I sorted out my Annual PhotoPass, which is one of the perks that comes with the Infinity Annual Pass. Unfortunately, the incredibly hilarious photo of me (single rider – yes, another queue jump even in the FastPass queue) and the three blokes I was sat with didn’t make it to the PhotoPass as I couldn’t remember the number by the time I’d faffed. It was only for the funny factor!

As the afternoon progressed, the temperature was ridiculous and there was little cloud cover so I left the park pretty early and went to check into the Apparthotel in Torcy where I planned to chill for a while before returning in the evening. This didn’t happen. I hated the hotel to start with as it took me far too long to find (if you’re going to stay there, walk through the car park of Mister Bed as though you’re going back to the train station down Rue Charlie Chaplin and it’s on the left between two trees. The two hotels are actually in the same building, which doesn’t help!). I won’t go into detail about why I wasn’t happy, because as the trip progressed, I found that the room grew on me and I even gave them 2/5 on Hotels.com. Maybe it wasn’t that great in the end!

I went to Carrefour and did a “big shop” marvelling at just how much better the supermarkets in France were for vegans than any of the Big Four in the UK. Seriously, you can buy a vegan pizza out of the fridge section. I contemplated moving back to France at one point. The only thing I didn’t find, however, was vegan cheese. I headed back to the room, cooked a speedy spag bol and then fell asleep in front of Netflix.

Day 3 I sprung out of bed to make it to Extra Magic Hours. If you aren’t in the know Extra Magic Hours (EMH) are available to anyone who stays in a Disneyland Paris hotel and those with certain Annual Passes (including Infinity). One of the biggest perks of EMH is that there are character meets available without the (sometimes) ridiculous queues that come with them! I’m always a bit awkward with my character meets, but I saw my opportunity and gauged the queue for Minnie to be approximately 25 minutes long (and I was right – I’ve developed quite a knack for this!) and posed for a few photos.

Following this I headed over to Hyperspace Mountain where I enjoyed a 15-minute queue (again shortened because I was solo) where I rode with another solo rider (and a Ravenclaw!). The obvious next step was to join the queue for Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast, which I aced at, before going to wait for Frontierland to open so I could join the queue for Big Thunder Mountain without having to stand around for upwards of a year (okay, average queue time is 2 hours, but still…) and I managed a 50-minute queue where I had bananas and soya milk to keep me going!

I then moved over to Walt Disney Studios as I waited for Caroline to arrive on the (delayed) Eurostar where I decided to do Tower of Terror on my own. Yes, I queue jumped again on this one. I chatted with some people who were over from Belgium (some were American) while I waited and I was amazed to see just how young the people in the queue were! That said, one of my student’s little brothers is six and has been on it a few times (but then he doesn’t feel fear the same due to his autism). I amazed myself by enjoying it and concluded that the reason I didn’t was that I was with someone else so my mind was on their welfare instead last time.

I came out of this and walked past the Animagique theatre where I saw that there was only twenty minutes before the Mickey and the Magician show was due to start so I went and waited for that. They don’t open the doors until five minutes before show time so my legs ached somewhat, but I got over it as soon as I saw the show. Again, I’m not spoiling this for you but I cried at several moments. It is very much the level of show that those who travel to Walt Disney World will be familiar with, so if you’re on the fence about coming to Disneyland Paris, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit!

This show ended and I sauntered through the shops and made my way over to the village where I sat in Starbucks waiting for Caroline to finally arrive!

And thus, ends my 2.5 days visiting Disneyland Paris solo. I genuinely recommend doing it if you have the chance, or even splitting up during your trip to do rides and shows that you want to do that others in the group may not.


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