Going to Disneyland Paris Alone: Part 1

Disneyland Paris is the kind of place you imagine sharing with friends and family, but it actually worked out cheaper for me to travel out two days earlier than my friend Caroline. Then Caroline’s work schedule changed last minute and I banked an extra half day on my own! I wasn’t really sure what to expect and what to do when I was there alone, so I just took the days as they came and wandered between the two parks.

My first order of business was to go to the Annual Passport office and redeem my voucher for the Infinity pass that I had purchased via Supertrips. Buying it there saved me a fair bit, and having the card saved me money while I was there, but that’s for a whole other post…

With my pass redeemed, I walked out of the office and was greeted by a show! It was the 25th Anniversary celebration show and featured A LOT of different characters. This is one of the things I really love about Disneyland Paris, you can be just going from A to B, or nowhere in particular, and find yourself doing something so magical and unexpected! I cried the whole time, no word of a lie and then I set off wandering. By this point, it was about 2 pm and I decided to simply wander and do whatever appeared. Having visited as recently as November I had my bearings really well and so I sauntered over to Discoveryland and joined an hour-long queue for Star Tours, which had been closed during my previous visit as it was being renovated for the Star Wars theming.

This is when it became apparent that my solo trip was going to bring about it many perks. Many of the rides at Disneyland Paris have dedicated single rider queues, but not all of them do so if you are a “one” in the regular queue, it’s worth paying attention when you’re nearly there as often the Cast Member organising people onto the rides will shout out to fill in a single rider seat and this is exactly what happened. I had to squeeze past the forty or so people ahead of me in the queue and was rushed to fill in a seat. This seat just so happened to be the centre seat on the front row, so I have zero complaints. Incredibly once the ride is over, you often forget just how long the queuing itself was. Star Tours is one of my favourite rides in Disneyland Park. In our house, we’re big fans of the Star Wars franchise so I know that I will ride it at least once per trip in the future!

Leaving Star Tours (slowly, through the shop) I took on what I consider “single people who can frame a nice photo” duties. I must have taken photos of at least twenty different families throughout my entire trip! It’s a nice thing to do, especially when you have so much time on your hands, and it means that families can look back on their photos and see a picture of them all together. None of the people I offered photos to were native English speakers, but a bit of gesturing was enough for good communication so please don’t let a language barrier stop you asking for a photo or offering to help someone!

My next stop was Adventureland where I joined the queue for Indiana Jones which took about an hour. It made me realise that if I was to queue extensively on my own over the coming days, it would be worth me bringing my book with me. Indiana Jones is a ride I have “fame” for in my family. It’s the embarrassing story that was dragged up from my childhood at all manner of family gatherings. During a brief stint around the millennium, the ride went backwards. I hated it. I didn’t like going upside down. Or backwards. Or fast. I essentially screamed “I want to get off” the entire way around! I conquered my fear in November and was the only one of us who enjoyed it, so it was a solo ride once more. Once more, I was single rider queue bumped!

Tired and hungry, I made Indiana Jones my last ride of the day and sauntered around the park through various shops and then headed over to the Village. Here I picked up a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich (swapping the mozzarella for avocado and ditching the ranch dressing) before heading for another walk, then some quick shopping until I boarded the RER and went to my budget hotel where I watched a film that I’d downloaded on Netflix and attempted an early night. I drifted around 11.30 pm local time, getting up shortly after midnight to tell some men off for talking too loudly outside my door (they apologised and shut up) before collapsing into bed again and getting up early ready for the next day’s adventure.


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