Eating Vegan at Manchester Airport

If, like me, you get to the airport at least two hours before your flight is due to depart, you have time for food.

So I thought that while I sit and wait for my plane to arrive, I’d give you a glimpse of what you can easily eat at Terminal 3 as a vegan. 

Before I set off, I has a look online and discovered that the restaurant type places here aren’t ideal for me so I had my sights set on a Boots meal deal from the start. I even picked up a spare for tomorrow morning (cheaper than the hotel breakfast by a country mile!)


If you haven’t tried the Louisiana Style Cajun Fritter, I genuinely suggest you give it a go! Unless you don’t like sweetcorn, in which case I’m judging you.

A Boots meal deal costs £3.89 at the airport which is a bit dearer than normal, but not actually too expensive for what you’re getting!

My next obvious step was to hit Costa. This Costa is really lovely and I managed to get myself a seat and table! 

Now that I’m sufficiently fed and caffeinated, I’m going to go explore the Terminal and watch some planes take off and land until it’s my turn to take off in an hour!


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