Blogging in the Clouds

Of all the anxiety that I feel, I am not scared of flying. I love to fly. When people talk about how their own anxieties keep them grounded, I wish I could take their fear away  so they could feel my emotions.

Look at that legroom!

I boarded my flight to Paris with ease. My major worry had been that my hand luggage was a tad overweight, but they didn’t check. I generally feel annoyed at this, because rules exist for a reason and if you follow me on Facebook you will know just how stressed I was! I sat down, was amazed at how much legroom I had (free of charge!) sitting in the “prestigious” emergency exit seat. I was then given the briefing to not open the exit if there’s a fire outside it if we do encounter an emergency and earlier than anticipated, we were off!

Waiting to go!

My favourite part of flying is that split second when you’ve taxied and you’re sat on the runway, waiting. The plane’s engines grumble into action. You hold you’re breath. Waiting. Then all of a sudden the plane is in motion, it roars up the runway and the ground starts to move away from you. 


On this flight, I tried something new. I always sit on the aisle seat, with my book or kindle to occupy me. Managing to secure the emergency exit seat without paying the extra 15 euros placed me by the window. Today I would watch the Earth move further and further away. Today I would see the clouds, and admire the beauty that this planet has to offer anew.

Despite having my book and my kindle and all manner of other things that could occupy me, I stared out of the window for most of the flight. My other time was spent writing this blog post and writing a poem that I felt compelled to write. I can’t imagine not occupying the window seat in future. Seeing the world disappear and then reappear below. Seeing a small flash of lightening in the distance as a storm rages over Britain. Seeing a red tinge across the clouds as the sun begins to set. 

Even spotting the mermaid-Pegasus hybrid that is on the wings of the aeroplane. There’s so much that we miss when we choose to be distracted. I feel like this flight has provided my soul with food and added fuel to the fire within me to travel more. Could I be a full time traveller?

Anyone know why the mermaid-Pegasus is a thing?

I have had an emotional hour and twenty-five minutes as I make my way from Manchester International Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle. I ugly cried for a full twenty minutes because the world is just so beautiful. I don’t think I will ever feel like this again so purely and strongly.

Theresa May would have a field day in those wheat fields

Thank you for sharing it with me, and if flying evokes such an emotion in your soul, please share below.

The seatbelt sign has just come back on and we are about to make out descent into Paris. I am so happy to be embarking on this adventure, and with all my lovely readers with me.

À bientôt.


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