Prepping for Disneyland Paris: The Shopping List

This is not prescriptive and you can deviate from it, but these are the kind of things that I have bought in readiness for my trip to Disneyland Paris.

Some of the links I use are affiliate links (which means that if you go through and make a purchase I will earn a teeny tiny amount of money from Amazon) but a lot of them are going to link to exactly where I would be buying these products in my day to day life. Granted, I buy a lot of things on Amazon.

I’m not going to talk about clothing too much in this post because I’ll probably go to town on that in my packing blog!

Water bottles:

I have two different water bottles I take with me.
One is like this one (mine isn’t as Disney-fied. It has foxes on):

The other type I like, you can pick up at the pound store really easily:


In Disneyland Paris, there are several water fountains for you to fill these up at. The solid plastic bottle is a good main bottle, but getting the foldable ones are really handy too. They’re your backup water bottle. I like to carry two of the folding ones, simply because you can never be too sure (also I can guarantee Caroline won’t have thought this far ahead!). The reason I say to take a backup water bottle is that on a hot day in the park, you may be stood in long lines under the sun, and then stood or sat watching a parade and so on. It makes sense to be able to hydrate yourself whenever you can, but sometimes the queues are really long, so take a spare.

Document holder:


This one is mine (all packed and ready to go!) and it does the job inexpensively. As you can see, there is loads of space to hold everything. From every hotel reservation to the tickets for my last train home! The only thing that is missing, is my boarding ticket and that is simply because I can’t check in until Tuesday morning. Find this one here on eBay.

Comfy shoes!

When it comes to shoes, I pack two pairs in summer: walking sandals and trainers. They don’t need to cost the earth either. These two options are both vegan branded ones available on Amazon (and the Mizuno trainers are the best trainers in the world!).


You’re going to be walking a lot while you’re there, so your feet need to be comfortable!

A Portable Charger

This is a product that I have bought and test driven in readiness for my own trip. It’s really easy to underestimate the importance of having a portable charger, but when you add up how many photos and videos you’re going to be taking (and then you have the app usage now that EU roaming is working in the consumer’s favour!), the last thing you want to encounter is having to nurse your battery through the day.

I’m a relatively heavy user of my phone in general, so it’s likely that this charger will serve you better than me. It arrived last Thursday and I charged my phone and the charger up and from Friday morning until Sunday night I used the portable charger exclusively to charge my phone. It was a success! This means that I got a full 3 days worth of charges for my phone from one little doohickey! The bonus with this is that it can charge two devices at once!

(Side note: my phone is the Huawei Y6ii Compact and has a better battery life than most, if not all, iPhones. I think it stands equal to a Samsung battery). For only £13.99, I personally think this is easily worth it.

Last little bits

Here is a short list of things that most people forget, but are useful:

  • coffee sachets/ tea bags
  • tissues
  • lanyard with space for tickets
  • sun cream
  • sandwich bags

Have I forgotten anything? What do you always make sure you buy in advance? Let me know down below in the comments section.


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