Eating Vegan at Las Iguanas (Blackpool)

Eating in Blackpool offers so much potential to eat junk food and ignore the fact that vegetables are a thing. Candy floss, rock, chips… the list goes on. Exhausted as we were after several travel hours and countless roller coasters we decided to go to Las Iguanas, a restaurant chain known for its Latin American cuisine.

In a lot of places you have to browse the menu for the vegan option and negotiate your way through amendments; some places you can ask for a vegan menu; Las Iguanas was superior: we were offered the vegan menu as soon as we walked through the door. (No, we weren’t carrying signs saying we’re vegan!). Definitely a great start.

We started by concluding that cocktails were the answer (it doesn’t matter what the question is does it?) and then concocted our plan of action. We were hungry-ish.

We took a mixture of sharing dishes and sides and put them together to make one big meal. On paper, we were probably quite boring: tortilla chips, rice and refried beans. Boooooo. But Holy Guacamole! It was fab.


The Holy Guacamole is probably my favourite thing on the menu. You get avocado, red onion, lime, tomatoes and the devil in disguise (coriander/ cilantro) and then you mix it in as you want to make the perfect dipping accompaniment! Would totally recommend this route for dining in Las Iguanas (vegan or not!).

One marker of how good a place is for vegans to dine is whether or not it features a vegan pudding.

Mango Sorbet!

At Las Iguanas there are two dessert options for vegans: one is a coconutty thing (I switched off at the word coconut) and the other is this delicious, delectable mango sorbet.

Something else to prai

Overall, if I was in a town/ city with limited options for vegans, I’d definitely head to Las Iguanas. I’m not certain it would be top of my list, simply because when it comes to main meal dishes the variety isn’t brilliant.


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