Blackpool: The Budget

Without looking back at how much everything cost, I feel like I spent a small fortune! I’m sure I didn’t as Blackpool is a cheap and cheerful place, but even so: rail transport, theme park entry and two meals out? It can’t be cheap.

Theme park entry we got a deal on. Blackpool Pleasure Beach have WOW! Weekends throughout the year (especially early season) where wristbands are just £16.25 each. That’s £32.50 for two adults.

The train was £8.40 after railcard discount (£12.60 before), pushing that to another £16.80 for two 16-25-year-olds.

When we got to Blackpool, we opted to take the tram. It’s £2.40 for a single from North Pier to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (you pay on the tram), and a child’s fare is just £1. Another £4.80 gone!

Once in the park, we had little call for spending as we just wanted to hit the rides until our tummies grumbled. There is a Burger King on site and two regular adults meals plus a side of onion rings came in around £11 (I can’t remember the exact figure!).

When we were in Nickelodeon Land, I nipped into the shop to see if there was anything exciting I could buy for my nephew Oscar. He loves Paw Patrol! Pocket money managers will be pleased to know that for just £3.70 I came away with some Blaze bubbles, a pack of 3 Paw Patrol stamper roller pens and a little badge with a picture of Chase and the gang saying Nickelodeon Land.

The only other thing I spent money on in the park were two pencils that say “Blackpool Pleasure Beach” on them to chuck into my work pencil case. I think these were 90p each, so that’s £1.80 I spent on souvenirs for me! (Caroline managed to get away with buying nothing).

After we left the park we hit a rock shop. There’s only one rule about going to Blackpool: you have to bring people back a stick of rock. Rock is one of the cheapest souvenirs ever. It is just a sweet and so it isn’t ever going to break that bank. There are different offers available along the promenade depending on how much rock you want and what size. We opted for the “average” size and bought 10 sticks of rock for £4. (Of the ones we looked at, the only E number to be wary of is E153 – the black colouring – as this can be derived from plant or animal sources).

All that’s left to spend money on, was dinner out. A lovely meal at Las Iguanas for just £24 for the two of us. Including an alcoholic beverage each and pudding (we shared).

The total cost:
£98.60 for two adults

That does seem high, but that averages down to £49.30 each. There are not many day trips you can make for that, let alone one with some of the most significant roller coasters in the world!

What are you waiting for? Get booked, get gone!


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