Eating Vegan at Wahaca

On Tuesday I had a much-awaited catch up in Manchester with my bestest friend in all the world, Caroline (she shall feature heavily in this blog). After much umming and ahhing over where we’d have lunch, we settled on Wahaca at the Corn Exchange.

For those of you who don’t know, Wahaca are a Mexican restaurant chain (with restaurant locations in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and more!) who deal in street food more than big plate meals (though both are on offer).

It’s not a vegan restaurant and meat and dairy feature across the menu, and if I’m honest, I’ve probably overlooked eating there a fair few times in favour of Tampopo. The staff were excellent, however, and we dined well. We worked from the allergy menu to determine what we wanted and if it could be veganised easily, but if you want to, you can just ask your server what they know that’s on offer that’s vegan. They have a list in the kitchen that they can check on.

You order your food and drinks together, and it just comes out when it’s ready. It’s not a Starter -> Main -> Pudding kind of place; it’s more a Food -> More Food -> Pudding place (which is exactly what I like. If you enjoy tapas, you’ll enjoy Wahaca as it’s the same pace).

To drink I decided to opt for one of their juices and chose the Raw Soul which is a truly delicious blend of carrot, celery, apple and cucumber over ice. I’d definitely have it again! We also got some water for the table which I almost always do when eating out.

We got some tortilla chips and salsa to share, a bowl of black bean soup each and we had the  winter vegetable and the plantain tacos (we shared, but I ate most of them!). I’d never had plantain before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ll be looking for places to try more dishes with it in future! My only criticism is the sheer quantity of coriander/ cilantro in the salsa. There’s no need.

Note: there is always room for pudding! Simply becasue they have churros!

The churros themselves are totally vegan friendly, however the chocolate dipping sauce isn’t as it contains dairy. We asked really nicely and they swapped the sauce for a little pot of hot chocolate to dip in. It was heaven!


It was a really inexpensive meal for us, too, because we took advantage of Taco Tuesday, but also because the prices aren’t too bad. For food, drink, pudding and tip (service isn’t included in price, tip around 10%) we paid £27.

Random note 1: We witnessed someone eating their tacos with a knife and fork. Don’t do that.

Random note 2: How over designed is their bathroom?


Overall, it was really lovely and I will certainly add it to the list of places to eat when in Manchester.


Like this kind of post? Let me know and I’ll be sure to write more in-depth reviews of places I eat out in the future!


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