Exploring my Backyard

I live in Wigan. What words spring to mind? Pie? Industry? Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls? Rugby?

It doesn’t have the best press in the world, so there’s a good chance that you are totally unaware of some of my favourite spots across Wigan and Leigh. If you love the outdoors and the opportunity to glimpse a fox, some swans or a toddler on the loose followed closely by a parent absolutely terrified then maybe the local green spaces are for you!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let the pictures speak for themselves:

Amberswood. (Between Platt Bridge, Ince and Hindley)

Pennington Flash. (Pennington, Leigh)

Rivington Pike. (nr. Blackrod and Horwich)


Wigan: ain’t it beautiful?


5 thoughts on “Exploring my Backyard

    • katethevegan92 says:

      Your challenge looks so good 🙂 I’m trying to see the “highlights” of the UK this year (mostly the free museums!) Would definitely recommend coming over to the flashes (you can walk the canal and it explains the history of how they were formed and a bit about the old local mining community on boards all the way down), and if you decide to head to Birmingham the museum and library are free entry too (and the library is beautiful!)


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