Eating Vegan at Disneyland Paris

In November 2016, my friend Caroline and I went on an adventure of a lifetime at Disneyland Paris. Fantastic is a word that doesn’t go close to defining the trip, but before we went, we struggled to find sufficient information on dining within the resort as vegans.

I’m simply vegan, but Caroline has serious allergies so one slip up could cause endless issues. We had to avoid restaurants that served shellfish in a buffet, ideally avoid it all together, because anaphylaxis could become a serious issue very quickly. The Disney staff were all great with accommodating this.

If the information that was initially available to us through Google searches was true, we could expect to live on rice, chips and side salads. I’d rather go hungry than eat an animal, but it’s hard to enjoy yourself with a grumbling tummy so we packed a bunch of Nakd bars in our luggage, just in case.

Breakfast at the Cheyenne Hotel

We stayed in the budget Cheyenne Hotel and within our package, breakfast was included. Fruit, cereal, soya milk, bread and jam were all on offer. As were fruit juices, teas and coffee (including decaff!).


The breakfast was great, and it meant that we stayed full for several hours, which was especially handy considering the fact we took full advantage of our Extra Magic Hours!

Annette’s Diner

If you go to Disneyland Paris, make sure you visit Annette’s Diner! Other than the fact the waiters serve you on roller skates, the veggie burger is delicious, and is actually a tofu and vegetable burger as opposed to an over processed veggie burger that you may be used to. The dish will come with mayo on the side, so just make sure you clarify with your waiter that you don’t want any egg or dairy products on your plate, but it is in a little ramekin and doesn’t touch your food at all.


Annette’s was so good we ate here twice!

SUMMER 2017 UPDATE: The Veggie Burger is no longer vegan or even veganisable because the tofu contains milk/ egg (can’t remember which!). There is no longer a vegan option at Annette’s and I am both saddened and disappointed, but I would hate for someone to feel let down like we did in July.



Yes, there is a Starbucks within the Village and it has soya (soja) milk! Just ask them to make it with soja and you can have your favourite caffeine hit away from home. Like the UK, there are no vegan pastries or cakes, but that doesn’t matter because….



We purchased these from one of the Christmas themed cabins in the Village, and got 5 churros for 7 euros. They were good enough just sugared, so you aren’t missing out by not forking out extra for Nutella!

Fine dining Chez Remy!

We decided that at least once during our trip we would eat at one of the finer eateries at the resort, and it didn’t take much for us to agree that we would be eating at Chez Remy! Housed right next door to the Ratatouille ride you get a sneak peek inside the restaurant as you leave the ride and you can smell the delicious aromas coming out.

By removing the sauce from casserole and cheese from the starter, all of our food was vegan friendly.

The Agrabah Café

This is the one place that I had in my mind before our trip to eat. The Agrabah café is a Morrocan buffet restaurant – yes, a vegan and allergy friendly buffet! – that is all part of the Aladdin theming (but you worked that out, didn’t you?).

I ate lots. If it was vegan, it literally went in my mouth!

I hope this little bit of insight into eating vegan at Disneyland Paris will help you with your own travel planning and reassure you that the happiest place in Europe won’t leave your tummy empty.

But don’t let your tummy get too full if you’re going to go on any high speed or inversion coaster; what goes up, must come down. Don’t make that vomit!

Happy travels!


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