Birmingham: The Budget

So how much does a day in Birmingham cost if you don’t want to spent loads?

Bus to Telford £2.30
Coach to Birmingham £7 (incl. booking fee)
Train to Wigan £9
Total: £18.30

Food and Drink
Lunch: Boots Meal Deal £3.29
Starbucks Venti Coconut Hot Chocolate £3.25
Dinner: Hotdog and vanilla almond milk latte at 3 Three’s £6
Two bottles of Pepsi Max £1.98
Total: £14.52



Just look at that Hot Dog. £3 for a beautiful, cruelty-free delicacy!


Museum Admission
Library of Birmingham: Free
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Free

Total spent: £32.82

Note: Both of these, the museum especially, are reliant on donations from visitors and it is a nice thing to do to leave whatever money you can.


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