Eating Vegan at Disneyland Paris

In November 2016, my friend Caroline and I went on an adventure of a lifetime at Disneyland Paris. Fantastic is a word that doesn’t go close to defining the trip, but before we went, we struggled to find sufficient information on dining within the resort as vegans. I’m simply vegan, but Caroline has serious allergies … Continue reading Eating Vegan at Disneyland Paris


Birmingham: The Budget

So how much does a day in Birmingham cost if you don't want to spent loads? Travel Bus to Telford £2.30 Coach to Birmingham £7 (incl. booking fee) Train to Wigan £9 Total: £18.30 Food and Drink Lunch: Boots Meal Deal £3.29 Starbucks Venti Coconut Hot Chocolate £3.25 Dinner: Hotdog and vanilla almond milk latte … Continue reading Birmingham: The Budget