2016: A reflection

January rolled in and I hit the Slimming World trail with an oomph of enthusiasm. Battering out SP day after SP day, and losing a stone in a month. The weight came back on. Oops. But it tasted good.

February was the month I allowed myself to open my eyes to what is happening in the world. The result: I became vegan. Best choice of my life. I also conquered Rivington Pike for the first time.

May I turned 24 and tried a few new restaurants at the Corn Exchange in Manchester.

June is the month that I handed the keys of my flat in and moved back in with my parents to allow for better financial things and stuff. I plan to move out when I have a house of my own. It is also the month we welcomed little Alex Oliver into the world, the youngest of my niblings! It is also the month that Brexit happened. Boooooo. Looking back, perhaps it was the busiest month of the year.



Welcome to the world little man! It’s a crazy, crazy place. Grace, Alex, Oscar and Me!

November is when I went to Disneyland Paris! It was so fun that I want to go back again and again. And now I want to check off all the Disney parks in the world.


December is Christmas! My first as a vegan, and it has spurred me on to achieve more and more in the coming year.



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